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Meet your new best friend, the PTC Referral Bot!

PTC Referral Bot is a new, exciting, and 100% legitimate way to get referrals for Neobux, Probux, Twickerz, AdHitProfits, and more! It is not a hack or cheat, and it does not break TOS of the associated programs. The referrals are real people just like you, and the best part is IT IS FREE!

Overview / Cost

Free Services

PTC Referral Bot is a free service, and we are currently partnered with nine PTC co-op sites (and growing!). The PTC Referral Bot will automatically submit your IDs to each of our partner co-ops and start driving traffic to YOUR referral links! Simply login each day and "charge" your PTC Referral Bot. More details on "Charging your Referral Bot" can be found in the HOW IT WORKS page. THIS PART OF THE SERVICE IS ALWAYS 100% FREE!

NO PAYMENT INFORMATION is required during registration, so once the new account evaluation period expires, you can decide to continue as a free member, or upgrade - the choice is yours, but we are confident that you will be pleased with the results!

Upgraded Accounts

Secondly, all members are required to have accounts with each of the 4 "core programs" (Neobux, Probux, AdHitProfits, and Twickerz, and I am adding more over time!). When members sign up for any of the CORE FOUR programs through this site, they sign up under other members! While members are NOT required to participate in the core programs, most people do since they are getting direct referrals for the programs - making these referrals high quality referrals! New accounts get referrals from this part of the service for free, and afterwards it is a $4.99 subscription which includes many other benefits - but the first part of the service (co-op referral shares) will remain free.

Sign up for free, now!

Affiliate Program has a cool affiliate program too! Refer members to the program and earn 20% each time they make a purchase on the site! Only upgraded members are eligible to earn commissions. Also, any forfeited commissions (including non-referred member upgrades and subscriptiopn payments) will be assigned at random to an eligible upgraded member.

Does it REALLY work?

Yes! You will get referrals using our program over time. When this website was developed, it was decided to treat new members as upgraded members for 7 days so that they can see SOME of the benefits of upgrading without any risk. Also, only part of the service is a paid service, so even free members can get referrals! Additionally, you may view your stats in your account homepage.

Does promote other programs than the CORE FOUR?

Yes! Each month we feature one additional program... we call this program "The 5th Wheel". The 5th Wheel program is free for everyone to participate in (no registration required!) and is AWESOME! More details on how the 5th Wheel works can be found in the THE 5th WHEEL page.

What is next?

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